Love Me From A distance


I am the kind of girl you love from a distance,
Because if you come close enough,
You will see the trails of tears down my cheeks,
The pain in my eyes,
And the hurt in my smile.

I am afraid to see the pity in your eyes,
Your gentle words to comfort me,
Your loving arms to hold me,
I want to hurt alone,
Me and only me.

Why won’t you love me from a distance?
Keep your heart away,
Because I just might hurt you,
I don’t think I have it anymore,
I don’t think I have love anymore.

I stand by my window and stare,
The cold dark night matches the rhythm of my heart,
My true self staring me back,
Damaged I feel and I pray silently,
That you love me from a distance.



photo credit: google images


14 thoughts on “Love Me From A distance

  1. There is a certain connect that I feel with your writing.
    The poems you bestow us with our somewhere in my heart already.. you put them to words. In case you look at my poems, you will know what I’m talking about.
    Nicole, you’re beautifully blessed. I am honoured to read your poems. 🙂

  2. Good verse expressing true feelings without getting mushy; such creativity is possible only when you pen with true emotions swelling up in your heart, as a reflection of your personal experience of pain and sadness. Thanks for the heart-felt poetic post!

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